80s movies icons for baby names

by Tanya Glover

Like a child of the ’80s

The 80s spawned many great things that still make us smile today. For many, the greatest thing that came out of the 80s is the two big Ms — music and movies. People who were having babies in the 80s had lot of terrific inspiration to draw from and some of these names are just as cool (or… not) for the babies being born today. So, if you are an eighties baby at heart, you will be glad to know that some of us still hold dear the names inspired by your favorite era!

Give your girl a rockin’ ’80s name

If you are concerned that giving your daughter an 80s-inspired name may later be embarrassing for her, don’t be. Luckily, most of the names are fairly tame… though if you want to go wild, there are some choices for that as well. The Cyndi Lauper example may lead to some embarrassment later in life — but hey, was she not one of the greatest 1980s rockers of all time?

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If you would rather go with something less attention-getting, you can use Andie to pay homage to Andie Walsh from Pretty in Pink. For something a little more unique and exciting, how about Sloane, in honor of Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? And if you want her to really stand out, then go with Francis Baby from Dirty Dancing.

Of course, when you name your girl Molly (Molly Ringwald) or Ariel (Footloose) no one would be the wiser that they were carrying an ’80s inspired name.

Name your son for the ’80s smooth operators

As with the girls’ names, the boys’ 80s inspired names do not have to be embarrassing for them, as they too are pretty tame. Any 80s lover bows to the movie Can’t Buy Me Love so you can safely go with the name Ronald without drawing attention to its 80s origin. Other good picks are Brand (The Goonies), Daniel (The Karate Kid) and Marty (Back to the Future).


But, if you really want people to know that you are an 80s worshipper, then feel free to go with Ferris or Cameron (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) or JD (Heathers). These are so obviously 80s, your child will never be able to deny the connection.

Still need more inspiration?

If you find that you are still in need of some inspiration then head out to the video store, pop some popcorn and strap on a couch for a night of 80s movie mania! Of course you should choose your favorites but also make sure to include some of the most iconic movies available such as Top Gun, Sixteen Candles, Say Anything and The Breakfast Club.

These movies are what truly made the 80s famous and have many great names to help you choose the perfect one. Maybe your newborn son should be named Lloyd in honor of that sweet and handsome underachiever in Say Anything. Lloyd is a great name for any era — and who wouldn’t want their son to grow up and fall in love with a super smart chick?

If you want something catchier, then the name Maverick may be just the ticket. (If Top Gun is your biggest guilty pleasure, then go for the gold and grab the name Maverick Iceman.) Other great Top Gun names are Slider, Sundown, Merlin and Viper. Your son will be a legend and have no idea why.

If you need a girl’s name, then look no further then The Breakfast Club where you will be inspired to name your little princess Claire or Allison… or, better yet, Allison Claire.

And as we wrap it up with Sixteen Candles, I give you one more powerful and iconic 80s name for your bundle of joy: Long Duk Dong. This name screams the 80s, would forever more be a fantastic topic of discussion at dinner parties. [Editor’s note: Name your son this at your own risk — he’ll probably disown you by the time he’s 13. Maybe just tell him you were thinking of naming him that.]

Stuck in the eighties

Do people say you’re a little bit stuck in the ’80s? Do not be ashamed. You’re not alone! What you need to do is embrace your love affair with the 80s and remind your children that one day, they and their friends will probably stick their children with the popular movie and music names of their own generation.

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