Classic girl baby names: About the name Pearl

Classic girl baby names: About the name Pearl

This article is reprinted from a series on names originally published in the year 1921. This one appeared in The Hartford Republican in Hartford, Kentucky, on December 30, 1921. For more stories from yesteryear, check out our site!

What’s in a name? Pearl

Facts about your name: Its history, meaning, whence it was derived, significance, your lucky day and lucky jewel.

by Mildred Marshall

Pearl is undoubtedly a name of great price! Not only is it musical in sound, but it honors the exquisite translucent gem which is the symbol of purity the world over.

The Persian term for the jewel is Muryarid, meaning “child of light.” Their legend of the origin of the pearl, a charming and beautiful fancy, is in accordance with the ancient idea that the oysters, rising to the surface of the water at night and opening their shells in adoration, received into their mouths drops of dew, congealed by the moonbeams into the lustrous gems which resemble the moon itself.

The pearl has always been associated with purity and sanctity. Pearls were chosen as the jewels to adorn the gates of the Celestial City, and the gem has had countless uses as a symbol in the religions of all countries.

Pearl is enormously popular in England. Like Muriel and Molly and Vivian and Sibyl, it may almost be said to be one of the national feminine names. In this country, it has, likewise, a widespread vogue. We have even gone further and made a diminutive, Pearley, which is popular in some sections, though a trifle provincial.

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Pearl’s talismanic stone is, of course, her own gem, the pearl. It promises her great charm and affability, and many friends. It will always guard her from dangers and evil, and preserve her purity. Thursday is her lucky day and 2 her lucky number. The marguerite, or daisy, is her flower.

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