Classic girl baby names Hello, Felicia

Classic girl baby names: Hello, Felicia

This article is reprinted from a series on names originally published in the year 1921, and appeared in The Palmyra Spectator in Palmyra, Missouri, on November 9, 1921. For more stories from yesteryear, check out our site!

What’s in a name? Felicia

Felicia has the augury of happiness, since that is the significance of her name. The name Felicia is the feminine of Felix, which seems to have been an agnomen assumed by any individual at will when he considered himself unusually fortunate. It appears first in the reign of Herod Agrippa. It means “happy,” and has given rise to all manner of words and names signifying good fortune in modern languages.

There are eleven masculine saints by that name in the Roman calendar, and Felice, the feminine, first appears in Italy, Spain and the south of France. From Felice have come Felicia in England, and Felice in France. There was a Felicia who was queen of Navarre in 1067.

The old Romans had a Goddess of Happiness, whom they called Felicitas. The stave-martyr of Carthage who suffered with St. Perpetua was so-called, and there was another felicitates under Antonius Plus, who, with her seven sons, presented a Christian parallel to the mother in the Maccabees.

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Through the votaries of the young slave-martyr, Felicita became popular in Italy, and this same character is responsible for the rise to favor of Felicite in France. Faustina is an Italian form of the same name, but has never had popular favor.

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Felicia has always been the favorite form in English-speaking countries, though Felicity was much used among the Puritans, and still prevails in religious communities.

The pearl is Felicia’s talismanic stone. It ensures her charms, affability and sincere friendships. Monday is her lucky day, and 3 her lucky number. The daisy, signifying simplicity, is her flower.

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