Reality TV-inspired names

by Christine McDow

Reality doesn’t bite

Reality television is still the “next big thing,” and in many cases reality stars are more known by name than other actors and celebrities. All names have meanings, however, if you decide to name your baby after a reality television star, you might just find that there are other meanings that pop into the head of friends and family members.

It used to be that the expecting couple would quickly run out and buy a baby name book and look through it at length trying to find the perfect name for their soon to be born baby. Now, with the invention of the internet and sites like, a book is rarely needed. There are some more popular reality television stars you might want to name your baby after. Not only do they have their official meanings, they also have hidden meanings.

Simon (Cowell) – Blunt. Not always the most popular judge on reality television shows because of his lack of tact.

Kim (Keeping up with the Kardashians) – Insecure. Multiple engagements, one marriage that lasted just 72 days. Most people think of her as a fraud.

J.R. (Martinez, Dancing With The Stars) – Hero. A bonafied war hero who was burned when a bomb exploded under his vehicle. Fought through his injuries and began a successful acting career and went on to win Dancing With The Stars.

NeNe (Real Housewives of Atlanta) – Abrasive. Not always the nicest person on TV. Does not know how to censor her opinions or feelings which consistently leads to people finding that they dislike her — greatly.

Khloe (Keeping up with the Kardashians) – Stable. The only Kardashian sister that is in a stable, happy marriage with very little, if any controversy, following her around.

Tori (Spelling) – Positive. No matter what Tori Spelling has been through, she always sees the bright side in a situation and looks for a fun positive solution to a problem. Normally a party!

Jillian (Michaels) – Tough. The trainer wants to hear no excuses from her clients and is tough on them to get results. However, she genuinely cares about her clients and invests as much as she asks for in return.

These are just a few reality television stars you may want to name your baby after. Which name would you pick if you had to choose one? Is there another reality star you named, or want to name your baby after? What does that name mean to you?

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Expecting? Get our All-In-One Pregnancy Calendar, Daily Countdown, Planner and Journal!See it here!